Who we are

Irma Arlert
Irma Arlert founder and VP

The ideology of MyVegina as a brand stands on three fundamental pillars:

Veganism, which means taking care of yourself and the environment at the same time. And showing empathy towards not just animals but the next in line to pick up the pieces of your impact on the world.

Symbiosis. The beauty of nature is the most soothing comfort chamber ever. Science tells us that just looking at a picture of greenery makes you calmer and lift your spirits. We need to nourish ourselves with recharging greenrooms and why not do it while we are eating. MyVegina is all about creating breathing rooms. Were you go to treat yourself on all levels and feel relieved and happy.

Feminism. Really, it’s time society stops clinging on to stigmatizing women’s bodies. There is nothing shameful in them and we want to celebrate them and mother earth at the same time. So we created the brand name doing just that!

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