Who we are

Irma Arlert
Irma Arlert founder and MD

MyVegina was founded by Irma Arlert in 2016 as a manifest of a vision of making vegan eating a comfortable choice for everyone. Non-vegans as well as vegans. The MyVegina ideology is all about shining a light on a happy path to eating more plant based foods. Vegan meals should not be such a fuss, they should be just as tasty, fulfilling and easy-to -grab as any meal. But so much better of course. For you, me, the environment and not least all those lovely little animals that we help save in the process.

We have secured funding to make this vision come true and are hunting for that perfect location to set up your first vegan happy place. It should be in the very city center of Stockholm and suitable for light cooking (no frying so heavvy duty ventilation is not needed). Opening hours will be concentrated around supplying Stockholmers with take-away breakfast and lunch rather then dinner therefor a business dense area is a must. In addition to finding that place we will of course be hiring some staff.

We are more then happy to receive tips and input about such a location! Are you interested in getting into business with us?

Well. Mail us and we will get back to you soon!