Your vegan happy place

Hello World. We have a situation.

We live in a reality tainted by extreme awareness and emotional numbness at the same time. We get heart wrecked by viral movies showing how the egg industry massacre just hatched chickens. Still we go out to brunch and order traditional pancakes. We want to eat less meat but we are lacking friction free and attractive alternatives at hand in our daily life.

You really don’t have to compromise on your taste preferences and standard just because you choose a vegan meal now and then but in general you have to make an effort to lay hands on indulgent vegan ready-to-eat products and dishes. Vegan options on traditional menus are often scarce or done kind of without a lot of genuine love for plant based foods. What we are missing today is that appealing and accessible hotspot where tasty plant based meals and products are gathered for sale. That vegan happy place to thrive in.

What we are missing is MyVegina.